Three layered branding system


We determine and design
the branding tools to improve your image in professional scene.


We set a holistic strategy to balance your professional stance with your social image. 


We create content for you to support your personal brand across social media and personal webpage. 


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Personal Branding Service Package

  • FREE Personal Brand Consultation
  • FREE personal inventory test application
  • Initial & monthly digital presence report
  • Bespoke Personal Brand strategy development
  • Design of branding tools including but not limited to identity, business cards, portfolio, presentation etc.
  • Web Design & Management
  • Web Content development
  • Activation of personal email services
  • Connecting social media accounts and email services
  • Domain activation
  • Google analytics activation
  • Social Media action & strategic content plan development
  • Social Media visual content development and distribution
  • Online distribution of personal articles through Medium, LinkedIN, Flipboard in addition to social media accounts and blog page
  • SEO edits of personal articles to drive more traffic to digital accounts and grab more attention 
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Digital Campaign Management
  • Discounted professional portrait photography service
  • Discounted professional personal training service

** Photography and Personal Training services are provided by our partners. Our clients may benefit from the discounted prices for services that will help them improve their wellbeing and boost their image.