1. All rights of our clients are protected within Professional Indemnity, Employer Liability and Personal Liability insurances.
  2. Subscribers of boabranding.uk accepts to share their Full Name and E-mail address to receive regular emails from Boa & Nomin Ltd., the parent company of BOA Branding.
  3. The service purchasers are subject to provide their ID verification and proof of address to start the contract.
  4. Companies, Soul Traders or any other commercial body cannot benefit from Personal Branding service for its corporate activities. They can use the service for their employees and owners individually and separately.
  5. All purchasers accept to sign a minimum 6 months contract to get optimum results from branding services supplied by Boa Branding.
  6. Face-face meeting are offered only for clients in London. All other clients out of London accepts remote service and virtual meetings through agreed channels.
  7. Boa branding services doesn't cover the costs of web template purchase, e-mail client fee, hosting service, domain purchase, SSL certificate purchase, web add-ons & plug-ins, campaigns, print & offset, production of photography, photography service, video production & distribution, trademark and any kind of sales activities.