Brand to grow. 

Branding for local and small businesses
is the only way to achieve a sustainable growth and customer loyalty! 

Local and small businesses (SMBs, SMEs) are the most important members of any economy due to their high growth potential. Our small business branding service helps them sustain a healthy business and cash flow
at low budget.    

How do we improve your brand?


We analyse your business, your products, your market and your targets. 


We design the strategy, define the branding tools and develop your brand. 

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We do the value positioning and manage branding activities consistently. 


Three layered branding system


We make your SWOT analysis and improve your brand to convert your weaknesses to strengths.


We analyse your customer profile and outline demographics. Then, create a sustainable relationship.


We make the branding to help your business achieve commercial targets and set the message in accordance. 

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Small Business Branding Service Package

  • FREE Brand Consultation
  • Assessment of past and current branding activities
  • Marketing plan assessment from branding perspective
  • Setting archetype for brand to build a character engaging with the audience consistently
  • Brand strategy development
  • Re-branding if needed or when requested
  • Design of branding tools including but not limited to business cards, portfolio, presentation etc.
  • Design of the verbal, visual and written brand language
  • Spreading the branding and brand strategies across the products, services, in-house applications and all platforms that the brand is being represented
  • Web Design & Management
  • Web Content development
  • Google analytics insight management to understand audience and update strategy when needed
  • Social Media action & strategic content plan development
  • Social Media visual content development and distribution
  • SEO edits of personal articles to drive more traffic to digital accounts and grab more attention 
  • Brand Marketing Campaign Strategies
  • Discounted professional photography service**

** Photography service fees varies upon project & product type