The pace of evolution is threatening our authenticity and reputation.

The pace of evolution is threatening our authenticity and reputation.

It is a personal branding and reputation management problem which may get help from cyberpsychology.

We are experiencing the most dramatic changes in human history and living in a highly complex environment which is changing along with the pace of technological and scientific developments. In one hand, it’s great to see most of the diseases have been cured or almost vanished, people can access more opportunities across the world and there are fewer limitations in our daily lives. On the other hand, the pace of change is giving service to crime by encouraging individuals with some specific psychological profiles and threatening our security and privacy. But there is one thing now I want to focus on and this one thing is threatening our authenticity and making it harder to manage our reputation: the pace of human evolution.

Our instincts have been evolved to interact in physical environment

According to cyberpsychologists, our instincts have been evolved to communicate face to face. That’s why the accuracy of our intuitions and sense of trust barely disappoint us. What does it mean for us?

Our instincts don’t know what to do on digital and we tend to prefer heuristics to create a sense of trust.

It makes us, people, trust others or believe in stories on digital platforms easier than the physical life. This is where our authenticity is under thread because it becomes easier for any of us to become “someone”. In short, “authenticity” turns into “anonymity”. We can filter our selfies to have a more beautiful skin, change our eye colour and even change our environment and wave hand from Gherkin although we are stuck in our tiny office. And no one even questions whether it is real or not. Because the only the interface which helps us sense the truth is the cold screen of our phone or computer. We don’t have so many options other than “to believe”. 

Then come the disappointments and trust issues

What I have been trying to tell here is something that celebrities have been experiencing even before the digital revolution. I believe that most of you have heard stories of famous people who are role-playing and disappointing their fans once they meet face to face. This has been the biggest problem of old personal branding model (which actually isn’t still a model for many) and most of them couldn’t catch an authentic stance which will save their reputation and trustworthiness. 

Let’s come back to today and us, now! We tend to use shiny words in our LinkedIN profiles, share cool Instagram photos like taken in a photography studio in 8 hours and following others doing the same thing every day. But we never question if it is true or not. We just believe…Until coming face to face with the person in physical life and taking the opportunity of using our senses and intuitions. 

It is not only harming the reputation of the person we know but also damaging our sense of trust which led us not to trust people or share with people anymore. Because we are all losing our authenticity. 

Ok, but how can we get it back? read the rest here