"What is your meaning?" - The question you need to answer before creating personal brand

Why don't you tell your secrets to everyone you care or love? What causes you to pick someone specific to share your most special feelings with. Or what motivates you to ask for help from your mother instead of your father? The answer is simple.

Each person that we are connected to represents a meaning for us. It can be trust, love, honesty, confidence, safety, fun etc. And yes this meaning leads us to feel something specific. And that's why we go to "that one" who we picked for that specific situation. The weird thing is, it is the same relationship model between us and commercial companies. According to the latest scientific findings published in The Harvard Business Review, we perceive brands like humans rather than companies or commercial bodies. If we consider our relationships with our professional and social circles, and even with our own family, each connection we have actually represents a meaning for us. And this meaning makes us take some specific actions related to them. 

So what is your meaning?

As I have told in my previous posts, we are all unique personal brands regardless from whether we are managing or not. And this brand is actually your meaning. You may represent trust for your family or the shoulder to cry for your best friend, or high-quality business leads for your boss. To define the meaning we represent, we need to focus on two separate areas which are always in connection between. 

How to define the meaning you represent?

Sometimes our self-conscious may lead us to have misconceptions about ourselves specifically if we are wearing different masks during our daily routine. Changing our attitude in business and social life loads a huge stress load on us. This stress may make us create misconceptions about ourselves and at that point, the meaning we think we represent may not be the meaning that people around us relate to us. Ok, but how can we understand it? 

1. First, ask yourself and be honest! 

2. Then, ask these people what your meaning is for them:

  • Your special partner
  • Your boss or business partner
  • One or two of your employees
  • One or two of your clients
  • Your best friend
  • Two other friends- not the bests

So make a small survey among your professional and social circles and try to be sure that they are represented equally. Once you have all the results, compare the meaning that you represent for others with the meaning you think you represent. And then, define the meaning you want to represent to take relevant actions about yourself which will lead you success in your social and professional life.

Defining your meaning means that you started to define your core as a "personal brand". Whenever someone asks me "how to create a personal brand" I tell them "first define your meaning".

The next step is defining your personal aspects and listing wants, needs and ambitions. Stay tuned for next post!