10 Steps for a Successful Personal Branding

We know that personal branding term may irritate people as it sounds like a commercial activity. But in contrast, personal branding is the only way of creating the true perception among your social and professional circle. The key is doing personal branding in a scientifically supported method which we will share with you now. So, how to do personal branding?

1. Know yourself

The most important thing of your personal brand is “you”. While dealing with daily stress and many problems both at home and office, we may forget who we really are, what we really want and where we really want to go. That’s why, spend a day to consider your past and current position in life. Not only your career path but also consider your position in your social and private life.

2. Define the meaning you stand for

Brands are meaning regardless whether they are commercial or personal. Consider what meaning you represent in your life and discover what meaning you represent for others. And another important thing; what value does your existence bring for them?

3. Define your fundamentals

The core of a successful personal brand is accepting that we are all unique and one of a kind. That’s why, we have our own characteristics reflect our key features. As most of us will agree, sincerity is the key of a good and healthy relationship which helps us to live happier lives. From that point of view, define your characteristics which relates to your personal brand by grouping them under authenticity, distinctiveness, inspiration (what you inspire for) and excellence (what you are good at, not perfect!)

4. List your wants, needs and dreams

Make list of your needs in the short term, wants in the mid-term and dreams in the long term. This will help you be more clear about real you and your future goals. Don't confuse needs with wants. Needs are the crucial thing that you should get shortly (like more money, a new flat, a new laptop etc.) to get into action and achieve your wants (a higher salary, a better company, a life partner etc.). And under the dreams topic, list the things that you have been ambitious about for a time and believe that you will be for a time in the future.

5. Develop a strategy with some flexibilities

Now you have an objective and clear idea of your current life. All the things you own are in front of your eyes and you know where do you want to go. Now you should decide for the way you will follow to achieve your dreams, in other words your strategy. You know why you should do but it’s time to discover what you should do, how you should do and when you should do.

6. Decide for the branding tools

Once you define the strategy which will help you achieve your dreams, you should also consider the tools you need to apply this strategy. It can be a having a personal website, more active twitter account, a portfolio, a new look, etc. 

7. Design your image

How we look affects people’s perception about us. If we want to convince people on our meaning and value we offer, we have to be consistent with our style, clothes, manners and of course digital profiles. Search your name on google and examine the results. List the links you want to eliminate, the links you want to emphasise and missing information that google can’t retrieve. This will help you understand your digital presence and develop a strategy.

8. Communicate

Decide for the communication tools at first. You don’t have to be on every single social media page. Pick the ones that you believe it will work for you and be consistent and open to communicate. Understand people, help people and be a friend. they will come to you when they need.

9. Manage

After deploying your strategy, it’s time to manage all your branding activities effectively. The key is being sure that your language is consistent and unique across all platforms that your personal brand is being represented.

10. Monitor, Sustain, Update

After a while, you will create a bunch of data about your personal brand, your audience and perceived you. In accordance with your core elements; your meaning, value, authenticity etc, check if your tools and strategy are working for you or not. And don’t afraid to update the points with problems. This will help you sustain a powerful personal branding activity.

We will share how to apply brand benchmark test for personal branding in our next post.

Don’t forget! Once we are born and get our names, we are all brands. It is up to us to make it shine or vanish…Treat yourself kind!

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