We all have right to make the best choice once

When did we get the chance to make choices and how can we be one of the best choices in life?

Life is based on choices. We make the choices, experience the path and celebrate or regret the consequences. I am not talking about only the major decisions we make for schools, job or wife/husband. We make choices even while deciding for which basin to use in the public toilet every day. Our choices determine what and how we experience our life.

What is choice?

The power to choose between two or more possibilities; the opportunity or power to make a decision.

Glasser Approach: “Choices are made to satisfy five needs: survival, love & belonging, freedom, fun and power.”

Rational Choice Theory: “We choose whichever option will maximize our interests and provide us with the greatest utility, or benefit.”

Bias and Choice

What happens when two options provide you with equal amounts of fun or benefit? It’s all about preference. Or bias - the inclination of temperament or outlook, especially a personal judgment? Bias is a tendency to favour one person or thing over another, often in an unfair way. Bias can be personal or public and only represents one point of view. 

To break bias and help people make decisions easier, priming has been used as a method by marketers or even ordinary people to manipulate our decisions. It has been also used to ease the decision-making process for us and reduce the number of choices we make in a day.

Decision-making and Branding

In ancient Babylon, to entice buyers to purchase goods, barkers solicited customers with a verbal sales pitch describing goods. To explain their offerings and goods to a mostly illiterate mass — as early as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome — merchants hung pictorial signs (using symbols and pictures) and painted their storefronts. So people could make choices easier and perceive the benefit of their choices clearly before making the decision.

In other words, branding has come to our lives to make decision making easier. Not only while shopping but also socialising with people.

Today, we make more and more choices than people lived in ancient times. We even start our day by making choice; snooze the alarm or not? That’s why it may not seem very impressive to be able to have multiple choices to make for a better experience. But be sure that branding has changed not only the way we make choices, but also given us the power of making choices. Before branding, we just had shoes, we just had phone... Now, we have Prada to H&M, Apple to Samsung...We can choose the one which speaks to our personality and covers all our  needs or meets our expectations. Besides, we choose the one that we feel sense of belonging to. The brands evolved to characters beyond visual signatures.

Simply, the names branded (burned) on products gave people the chance of making choices instead of the obligation of using a single type of product or service. Although branding has been perceived as the strongest weapon of marketing activity, it is bringing a character to the efforts of humankind beyond promoting commercial interests.

From the business perspective

Branding help companies build trust and offer multiple choices which can be personalised easily. Branding also gave small businesses the most powerful weapon to differ their products / services from mature companies and position their value offerings precisely. Today, small businesses with tighter budgets can build a relationship with their audiences without investing millions thanks to the power of branding and storytelling.

For larger companies, implementing branding with today’s point of view, has never been easy. They needed to:

  • understand the perception of their name as a brand and product as a value among society
  • compare the perception with the intention (reality with target)
  • balance the perception with commercial target to achieve growth
The power of making choice gave people to create new choices and become the best choice today.

From the personal perspective

Besides commercial and business centric point of view, today, we all have our very own personal brands; ourselves. We share our thoughts, defend our beliefs on small screens every day we connect to the new world and get reaction from other people, even from people we don’t know yet.

Today, we became just one of millions of choices on earth, especially in the business scene. And our names are our brand, our look is our logo…So we have to manage it carefully if we want to succeed and differ ourselves from other by enhancing our uniqueness.

The new world and changing relationship models give us opportunities and more choices more than ever. Today, we all have the right to make the best choice. Today, we all have the right to be the best choice.

Here is your next decision to make:

You may choose benefiting from the changing world and converting this change to be successful in what we are doing or passionate about.

Or you may choose stay perfectly still while the world around us is changing to offer more choices and opportunities to humanity.