Why does personal branding matter today?

First of all, Personal Branding is not marketing or selling yourself, your talent or experience. It is the most effective way of letting people perceive you in the way you deserve. But often people view personal branding as something negative such as bragging or self-promotion. And this is just because, for years, agencies and designers promoted “branding” term as a design involved marketing support activity to the public. But, it’s not.

As early as the late 1990’s, Tom Peters started the conversation about personal branding with his book “The Brand Called You”. In the world of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is more important than ever that everyone, but primarily Y Generation, understand the implication of their online presence but also consider the importance of crafting and defending their personal brand.

Once we all are born and get our names, we have our own brand. It’s up to you how you manage or ruin it.

Basically, we perceive brands as names and then comes the value behind that name, and the effect we experience by benefiting from that value. When you think of it just for a second, it is not so different in our social lives. For instance, when we call the name of “a friend”, we know that he/she is trustworthy, so we can share our secrets with him/her. And this makes us relief. Or, when we call the brand “Apple”, we know that it has high quality, so we can buy its product without any doubt. And this makes us feel secure. These perceptions are caused by the relationship dynamics between you and others. And it can be managed.

How to approach personal branding from professional perspective

In today’s world, our relationships are mostly managed by the social media accounts and apps designed by IT engineers. Our relationship models have been designed and copied by data scientists to achieve more effective and “controllable” social models. Besides, most of the job descriptions have been changed due to the technologic developments. And this even started to cause people lose their jobs to machines.

We are not sure whether it is going to be like the Industrial Revolution. It is obvious that unlikely the workers succeeded in convincing the patrons that they have the talent to operate those new tech machines that time, we have many tools to let them perceive and understand who we are and what we are capable of.

On the other hand, according to the new search results of human resources agencies, most of the employers are afraid of not being able to hire great talents to grow their business. Isn’t it ironic when most people are looking for a job out there? So how is it possible that they can’t find someone?

That’s right! Since most of the people are managing themselves and their presence not only on digital but in daily lives wrong. So this makes professional people perceive them in a wrong way and not be able to see the real benefit they can provide.

How to approach personal branding as a social asset

I am sure that most of us have experienced the disappointment of being misunderstood, underestimated or manipulated. There will always be someone judging you according to their own beliefs. That’s not the point. The thing is how other people perceive you is mostly up to how successful you manage your stance. In other words;

Do you let them brand you or do you brand yourself?

In our social relationships, we give credits or limits to people they can use for their “faults” against us. Instead of this, try to decrease that limit and brand yourself as people around you really understand what you want, feel, do and stand for in the way created with your very own point of view.

Personal branding in your social life is not a synthetic activity, it is just something which has been already there since the beginning and you succeed in or not. It’s up to you. But I can ensure you that if you brand yourself, or whatever term you use, you will have expressed yourself right to any person around you, at home, in the office or in the Starbucks line. And that is the key of a healthy social life; “understanding each other and respecting”.

Personal Branding is not renewing your wardrobe, selecting the true colour for your skin or changing your voice tone. It is the effect of your personality and you are the only one that can decide what effect you will create on earth.