Delivering brand and design services to start-up businesses looking for growth

Boa Branding is a branding and design agency dedicated to supporting start-up businesses in securing funding and investment. Based in London, we deliver branding and design services across the UK, to start-up businesses who are seeking growth. Through development of a patented branding model, our team focusses on creating a distinct, persuasive brand identity for our clients. By identifying a start-up’s company vision, we can design a brand and evolve a visual language that fully represents the ambitions of the business.

What do Boa offer?

As a branding agency for start-ups, it is important that we create a clear and distinctive personality for our clients across all their marketing materials. For start-up businesses looking for growth, effective branding and crowdfunding campaign design is crucial to securing investment. Initially, we will work as a consultant, simplifying the process, and helping develop a dedicated marketing strategy. Consistency is essential, which why we offer services that not only on brand identity, but deliver across all marketing communications.

Why choose start-up businesses?

Once a start-up business ourselves, we understand how difficult stimulating growth and securing investment can be. Knowing there is a place to turn for advice and support is the first step towards achieving your goals. Some agencies see working with start-up businesses as a risk. However, we see the potential reward of helping aspiring, passionate individuals to grow. To do this, we offer flexible payment plans that make our services more accessible, and lower the financial risk to your venture. By choosing Boa, you can increase your chances of investment without a major initial outlay.